Monday, August 8, 2011

Devil's Bedstead West

Date:  August 8, 2011.

Partners: Pat.

Stats: Approx 10 miles and 3,500ft gain in 8hrs round trip

Route: North ridge, class 2-3.

Gear notes: N/A.


Pat and I headed up Trail Creek Road to camp the night before this adventure. After not quite as late of a night as I'm used to with Pat, we were up and rolling down the trail toward our peak. The mid-summer day warmed up quick and the air was humid. With thunderstorms forecast for later in the day, we jammed down the trail at a quick pace.

Pat on the trail.

We passed by some beaver ponds in the green fields near the trail.

In front of DBW.

Several peaks are in this region are enticing and reason enough to visit and/or return.
We finally got a clear view of DBW just before the real climb began.
We passed an area that had a lot of bear scat and tracks. We made plenty of noise as we ran through it.

On the trail.
Just past this area, the trail dips down and loses some elevation. Pat and I have been on several adventures together, but nothing quite like this. He didn't feel up for more of the up, then back down, so he turned back towards the car. I was now flying solo. I promised Pat I'd hurry.

Devil's Bedstead East.

The sky was clouding up and I knew I needed to hurry anyway.

While gaining elevation up to the ridge, the terrain becomes more interesting and the route gets more involved, eventually culminating in a thin class 3 scramble to the true summit.

Upper mountain.


The wind had picked up and dropped the air temperature just a bit, which was welcome relief to my hurried pace.

Looking down the north ridge.


It took several miles and lots of effort just to gain the ridge grand finale, but I still had some gas in the tank


.The final ridge was, interesting. I ditched my pack for the short but exposed crossing.

It looked like there were two routes. One on the ridge, one up the wall. I took the ridge. The rock was good and I felt it was the better call.




There is a fine view of the Pioneer Mountains awaiting those who visit DBW, stretching all the way to the Lost River Range.


My time at the top was only long enough to take a few pictures and then I got back to my pack for a short break before I made a continuous push to rejoin Pat at the car.

Trail heading in.

Looking back toward Trail Creek Road.

Upon arrival back at the car, I found Pat relaxing near the creek and I had a large blister on my left heel to tend to. Then it was on to McClain's Pizza (now closed) in Hailey for a pitcher and a pie.

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