Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hell Roaring Lake

Out and back hike to Hell Roaring Lake.

Date: May 11-2. 2013.

Partners: Deez and our crazy dog.

Stats: 10 mile round trip, approx 300ft gain.

Gear notes: Standard overnight kit.

Leaving the trailhead.
I had just gotten Deez a new head lamp for Mother's Day, so we needed to do a trip to break it in. With it being only May, but a low snow year, we tried for Hell Roaring Lake. We had warm temps and no one else on the trail when we left the car.

On the trail.
Dog on the trail.
This was the first backpacking trip we had taken our dog on, but he took to it like a duck to water, or a dog to backpacking. He carried his own pack with food, treats, a blanket and sleeping pad. He had no intentions of sticking to the trail, so we had to take the foam pad off and carry it to prevent a premature thrashing.

The upper trailhead.
We were past the upper trailhead and at the lake before too long. We joked about it being the "Hell Boring Trail" because there isn't a whole lot to see until the lake.

Crossing the bridge.
We scouted around for the most optimal camp site, which ended up being on the other side of the bridge in the above picture.

Hell Roaring Lake.
The Thumb, er, I mean finger of Fate.
With one of the most classic views here, its hard to say that the hike isn't worth it.

Ketchum takes a nap.
Our crazy dog finally chilled out after the 5 mile hike in. We got camp set up and got to work on dinner.

Lake side dinner.
We found just enough dry ground to set up the tent.

We did Gnocchi with cheese sauce and bacon bits. It turned out delicious but ended up being a little heavy and filling and way more than enough for two.

Enjoying the views with some wine.
The night never did get too cold and we enjoyed the stars for a while before turning in. By the time we were up the next morning, Ketchum was already off and exploring the lake. I guess he was as excited as we were to wake up in such a beautiful place.

Ketchum explores the lake.
Ketchum explores the lake.
Hell Roaring Lake.
There was still enough snow that we did't think we'd be able to circle the lake without getting soggy. After a relaxed start to the day, we decided it was time to undergo the 5 mile hike back to the car.

Leaving the lake.

The upper trail wasn't in the best shape and a little hard to follow in some places.

Dog hiking out.
Hell Roaring Creek.
The trail is a little less boring on the way back. At least you get a bit more of a view.


Hell Roaring Creek.

Vienna Peak and Abe's Armchair.
It was another nice and easy, early season backpacking trip. It was only Denise's second, but she was already displaying expert-level skills. Dog did just fine, not that we were worried. I already had the next diabolical plan set up.

Okay, so I guess we're all ready for the next thing!

It still looks like a Thumb.

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