Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Little Butte 3-12-16

An easy Saturday stroll up a small peak near Emmett.

Partners: Mark, Tory and dogs.

Stats: 3.8 miles with exploring and approx 900ft gain so summit elevation 3,494 in 3hrs round trip. Class 1-2.

Gear notes: Pack weight approx 20lbs for training.

Links: Little Butte on Lists of John.

En route to Little Butte.

Mark, Tory and I met up for a hike of Little Butte near Emmett on a fine Saturday morning. We were also doing recon and possibly hiking Peak 3,500 as well. We rendezvoused at about 9:30 and were hiking about 15 minutes after that.

Looking south, along the east side.

We weren't planning on a long day whether we went for peak 3,500 or not. We hit the top of Little Butte in about an hour.

Peak 3,500.
We surveyed Peak 3,500 and it looked doable, albeit there was a sizable gain/loss to do it. We decided to find the arch that hides somewhere on Little Butte, instead of going for 3.500.

Looking north, along the east side.

We explored the top and looked for any sign of the arch.

Black Canyon Reservoir.

We found a way to the south end of the butte, then over to the west side.

Looking west from the top.

There is an appreciable drop off from the top of the butte to the terrain below.  The Jones' dog, Vuyo was mindful of it. Ketchum aka Honey Badger; not so much. That's why I don't like taking him on anything more than class 2. His dare devil side is out of control and I really don't want him to get hurt or worse.

Squaw Butte.

There were fun sections of scrambling that would have been more enjoyable if I wasn't constantly having to keep an eye on Dog.

Talus field on the west side.

In stead of finding the arch, we found a talus field that both dogs were having a bit of difficulty dealing with.

Negotiating the talus.

We abandoned our plan of circumnavigating the butte and finding the arch and settled for lunch with a fine western view of the Payette River on the valley floor.

High point selfie.

We headed back to the top and Mark said we were at the high point. Picture time!

Heading down.

The Jones' were due back in town shortly so we headed back to the vehicles.

Black Canyon Dam.

Google Earth view of the hike.

We could hear the distant rumble of water flowing over Black Canyon Dam as we walked. It's been a fine spring so far; now time to plan for the bigger peaks.

Game on!

Happy trails. Granola, out.

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