Thursday, November 3, 2016

Warm Springs Point

Checked yet another peak off of Marks list. You can basically drive to the top of Warm Springs Point. You can also run on the road. We chose to do the latter.

Date: 10/29/2016.

Objective: Warm Springs Point.  Elev 6,054ft.

Kid/family friendly? Yes, just shorten the mileage.

Partners: Mark J.

Stats: 12.2 miles 1,380ft in 2.5hrs round trip. Class 1.

Gear notes: Standard long trail run kit.

We took the Centerville Rd out of Idaho city and parked at 3.8 miles, at the junction with FSR 311. Follow 311 south past a couple of junctions and spur roads to the peak. A map/GPS will be handy. The road could be driven to within a very short distance of the peak, but whats the fun in that? You could also park further away from the peak and increase the suffering, err... I mean mileage, as desired. The road was in great condition and made for smooth running. We enjoyed the crisp autumn morning air and ran to our objective for the day. Saw several hunters, but that the norm for this time of year. Pictures below. Happy trails!

We're above the clouds that are above Idaho City. Looking toward Mores Creek Summit.

Mark on the summit.

Summit View.

Fire pit on top.

Summit selfie. 

Looking east.

Looking southeast.

Looking north.