Monday, January 2, 2017

Night Time Ops on Cervidae

The annual Moonlight to Cervidae hike with the Idaho Summits gang is a great way to close out the year if you can brave the arctic conditions.

Date: 12/31/2016.

Objective: Cervidae Peak, 4,987ft.

Partners: Steve W, aka Delta Operator, aka In The Wild Chef in the 4pm group. Splattski and the 6pm group.

Stats: 5 miles and 1,900ft gain. Class 2. Strava track.  

Gear notes: Cold weather layering system.

Cervidae Peak.

New Years Eve had come, and so did another annual Moonlight to Cervidae trip. The group usually sets out at 6pm, but I had planned to head out at 4 to see the sunset and make it back to town in time for the Reckless Kelly concert. Steve said he wanted to head up at 4 as well so we were the early group, with the main gang heading up at 6.

Low on the trail.

It was sunny and cold. Clear, but not calm. The wind was zipping along and really driving the temperature down; single digits, maybe colder on the way up. 

Clear and cold.

In the Wild Chef right at home in the wild.

As we headed up into arctic conditions, we had to make a few minor clothing adjustments. Steve used his snowshoes, I carried mine. We hiked up as the sun went down. The low angle light and shadow rise were spectacular.

I would have been keen on taking our time, moving just enough to stay warm because it had been a while since I had been out with Steve. We had some catching up to do, but sadly, I was short on time.

Night sky from the summit.

We topped out in the dark, switched on our torches and took in the view. Did I mention it was cold?
Fingers... getting... cold... numb... Hence the lack of pictures.

Dark and cold summit smiles.

After a short time on top, I headed down and Steve stayed put, awaiting the arrival of the rest of our friends on the summit. Shortly after I began my descent, the wind calmed down and it actually felt warmer than it had been on the way up. As predicted, I passed the main group on their way up.

Back down at my car, I realized the folly of my ways. Why I had parked off the road, basically in a snow drift, I have no idea. How I got my car unstuck without assistance, I have no idea. I was a bit behind schedule, late to the party, but I was just glad I made it by the time I did.

Happy trails!


  1. Was nice to meet you in person...

  2. Albeit a short introduction.... Nice TR Granola
    ! I enjoyed every cold moment of it!