Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bench Lakes Day Hike

A leisurely stroll to Bench Lakes the day after a not so leisurely hike up Thompson Peak.

Partners: Deez, RayO, Hailey and Ketchum.

Stats: 7 mile round trip from Redfish Lake.

Gear Notes: N/A.

We got the not-so-early show on the road the next day and set out for Bench Lakes. A seven mile round trip is no easy task. Did I mention that my legs were sore?

On the trail.
 This is a reasonable day hike for most, but it would make a nice overnighter too.

Second Bench Lake.
I've gone up to the fifth Bench Lake before, but today we stopped at the second. Continue to the fourth lake if you are wanting to camp; It tends to be more quiet.

Lake side lunch.
 We had a lake side lunch and let the dogs swim in the lake and chase every stick they could find for us to throw.

Mount Heyburn.
 Mount Heyburn was kind of the star of the show.

Mount Heyburn close up.
 I was reminded that I want to climb the Stir Chimney route.

Redfish Lake from the trail.

 We were slow but steady heading back to Redfish, but the dogs thought they still had a ton of energy.

Tired Dog in camp.

That was, until we got back to camp. We only had Ketchum for about 2 months at this point and while he had been out running and on short hikes, I think this one officially did him in. Pre hike, he's a super-spaz. Post hike, he's a good rug-holder-downer.

I feel your pain, bro. My dogs are barking too.

Happy trails!

Granola, out.

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