Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kodiak Peak

Date: Jan 9, 2013.

Partners: Deez and Ketchum.

Gear Notes: N/A.

Links: Lists of John. Idaho: A Climbing Guide.

We were looking for a quick hike near town to get above the inversion and came across Kodiak Peak. Its a little closer than Cervidae and definitely not as tough. Access from a pullout on the east side of Hwy 21, before Highland Valley Summit.

Kodiak Peak.

It was kind of cold-ish but sunny. Thin snow coverage; snowshoes not required.

Hoar Frost.
Hoar frost on the surface was present.

 We were the only ones out there, so we let dog off the leash to do his thing, which mainly consisted of chasing whatever would move.

Rock outcrops made good break spots and added a little personality to the little peak.

Topping out.
 The inversion/fog added a neat dimension to the outing.

Topping out.

Deez on top.
We were thinking about dropping down to the lake, but decided to keep it short and loop the peak instead.

 There were still some views of the usual local favorites.

Lucky Peak.
Then it was down the peak, out of the cold and on to a gigantic steamy bowl of Pho. Kodiak offers a short and easy, but very fine outing close to town, however you may not find yourself re-peaking or training here, as there are many other options not much farther away.

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