Monday, October 20, 2014

Primus Omnilte Ti Review

The Omnilite Ti is a great and versatile stove.  If you need to boil a quick pot of water for melting snow, or making coffee, it will do that.  If you need a fine simmer for your Chicken Pesto Pasta, it will do that too.  The size of the stove itself is just right for a 2 liter pot for 2-4 energy conscious hikers and 485g's of fuel should last you several days.  The base is stable and the provided windscreen is an added bonus.    

  The Omnilite Ti warming up breakfast at the base of Mt. Adams, Washington.

The interesting thing about it is that it will burn just about any fuel you can get in to it.  Aviation fuel, diesel fuel, kerosene, you name it, this stove can likely burn it.  

Bottom line; it has been functional and reliable in every situation I have used it in and the sound of the jet is music to my ears.  Thanks to In The Wild Chef for giving me the opportunity to use such a fine product made by Primus Stoves!

 Whipping up another great dinner at Jennie Lake, Idaho.

Happy Trails!

- Granola, out.

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