Sunday, November 23, 2014

Peaks 4460 and 3793 In The Boise Front. 11-21-2014

Partners: Ketchum.

Stats: Distance 5.85 miles. Total Time: 2hrs 51min.  Elevation Gain: > 1,000ft.

Gear notes: Miscellaneous stuff to total approx 20lbs.

Peak 4460 in the center

These hikes came about after my friends Mark and Tory invited me on a hike of Peak 5180 in the Danskin Rage a couple of weeks ago.  When I asked Mark how he picked that hike, he mentioned Lists of John.  Since I was unfamiliar with that site, I had since looked it up.  I ended up looking at peaks within Ada county that have 300+ft prominence.  I noticed that I had already attained a few, however there are a few that were missing.  The mission was set in motion.

I've never been big on lists, since my list consists of everything...

I began the journey with the furthest peak, 4460.  I probably did not park in the most advantageous spot to start because there were "no trespassing" signs where I had planned to park, so I parked a bit further up on Bogus Basin Rd.  Temperature 34F, Winds light and variable.

Hat pulled back to facilitate ventilation and not to simulate hipster

From the road, I followed the ridge in to Daniel's creek.  A quick pace kept me warm as I gnawed my way down the trail.  I actually dropped quite a bit of elevation, but not to worry, it was all made up at the end.

Ketchum on the trail
There was about 4-6 inches of sloppy snow covering the ground so that made for some interesting footing in places, but following the trail was easy ground.  Up and around and up again until there is no more up to do.

Boise Peak
 Its nothing to exciting, but its still hiking and there are still peaks involved.

I had worked up a bit of a sweat which is about the last that thing one would want to do when hiking in cold weather.  There are a few good views to be had, but I would guess that normal people would not hike this.

After double timing it back to the car, it was on to another insignificant, yet relevant peak and number 2 for the day.

Peak 3793 

Since this was on the list and met the 300+ foot prominence rule, I went out swinging on round duce.

Leaving everything behind but the camera and trekking poles, it didn't take long to hit the top of this beast.

But first, let me take a selfie
After a short walk on the summit ridge, we dropped back down to the car.

It was a good attempt at getting above the inversion.

While not anything glamours or extravagant, its always good to be out.  I guess I'll check some things off one list.  Some lists have yet to be made.  Some lists are already done.  It doesn't take much to find adventure and I'm glad I found it once again in the Boise Front, were I essentially developed this ferocious appetite.  I guess I'll just keep chasing squirrels.  

Peak 4460 GPS

Peak 3793 GPS

Welcome to the jungle, essay.     

Happy trails!

-Granola, out

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