Sunday, December 14, 2014

Aldape Peak 12-14-2014

Partners: Deez and Ketchum (aka Honey Badger)

Stats: 2.88 miles.  Time to summit 1:15.  Total time 2:30.  Elevation gain >800ft.  Class 1.

Gear Notes:  Miscellaneous stuff to total approx 20lbs.

With the Ada County list of peaks that have 300+ feet of prominence list still on my mind, we head out to hike Aldape Peak.  Its a short hike close to home that requires little effort.  Its an insignificant peak with nothing special about it, other than its on the list.

With a sunny day on the menu, we set off for the drive up Rocky Canyon Road to Aldape summit, where we parked.

The nice thing about these short hikes is that we don't have to get up early.  We got to the trail head at 12pm sharp.  What a great day to wander along the Boise Ridge! 

With sunny skies, cool temps and no wind, we head up.
We followed the road most of the way up the ridge.

Looking east from the route.

A quick stop along the trail. 

We got a great view of downtown Boise along the way.  Hey, look at the pretty little clouds!

More walking.  We just went up from the road.

The Honey Badger doing Honey Badger stuff.  He just doesn't care.

Hoar Frost!

Hoar Frost!

Aldape Peak itself is so insignificant that we walked right past it.  Since we don't pre-load GPS or anything like that, we just walked.  We noticed that we were way off route and actually were heading up the north side of Lucky Peak.  We turned around and figured that we were just below where we wanted to be.

We also saw that the pretty little clouds became a big wall of clouds, so we hit our peak, ate and prepared to wait out the clouds and cold for a bit.

Summit shot!

Clouds rolling in. 

The view was still clear to the east, so we admired the Trinity Mountains for a short while.

Then it was a total white out.  Temps dropped and we literally chilled for a minute.
After about 20 minutes, the clouds began to lift so we started down.

We caught some swell views of the sun through the clouds on the way down.  It was a fun hike for being so short.  While we were never lost, we did wounder where we should have been from time to time.  No planning, no forethought and no idea where things are can be fun!

Sorry kids, my Google tracks didn't come out well... 

Its all good!

Happy Trails!

-Granola, Out. 

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