Monday, March 23, 2015

Freezeout Hill 3-22-2015

Partners: Deez, Lego Master and Ketchum.

Stats: Distance 1.97 miles. Total time 1:48. Time to summit 1hr.  Summit elevation 3,209.  Elevation gain >300ft.  Freezeout Hill Peaks within 1hr drive of Boise

Gear notes: N/A

Freezeout Hill
Deez and I were slightly hungover so a short walk up Freezeout Hill seemed like a logical idea.  Last weekend we did some reconnaissance on a couple peaks near Emmett that are deep in private property and we had planed to hit Freezeout on the way home.  Heavy rain stopped that plan cold and we returned today to make our short hike to the top.  This small peak sits to the west of Hwy 16.
We parked in a dirt area just off Old Freezeout Road at about noon.  Temp 51F, light east wind and mostly cloudy.

Negotiating the Sage and Barbwire fence proved to be the biggest challenge.
We were a little discouraged by all the barbwire fences, but I remembered Big Dan's  recent report so we followed his advice and stayed on the north side of the fence.

Approaching one of the highpoint's along the way. 
Working our way along the fence we quickly hypothesized a route; we were on it, and en route to our peak.

View toward Squaw Butte over Emmett, Idaho. 
It was not long until we found our way to the top.  The views were plenty, as were the snacks.

Radio tower on the peak.
The Lego Master helped out with the route finding to the top.  He was more than happy to lead the way.  He may be small, but at least he's eager and ready to hurdle himself beyond the confines of the house. 

Cough, cough...

We finished up the snacks, took a glory shot and headed back to the car. 

Looking west from the top.
We soaked up the sunshine and views while Deez and I discussed our annual early-season overnight trip at Grandjean we do in April.  Not that we are super stoked or anything.

Looking east toward Hwy 16.  Crown Point and Prospect Peak are in the background. 
Time to head down. 
Lego Master kicked off the descent and we followed the same fence line back to the car.  

The clouds broke, we enjoyed the sunshine and the Lego Master and I swapped leads on the the way back the car. The hungover and overcast day had changed to a feeling good, walking on sunshine type of day.  Not that we weren't feeling good to begin with; we were just feeling better now that we had added a short adventure to the day.

What a great day to be outside!

With spring break on tap for the children, they will be venturing beyond their bedrooms.  That proclamation was met with some resistance.  At least two out of three children approve.  As for me, I just keep counting down the moments until the next adventure.

The rebellion is brewing.  I will report back when I'm able. 

Happy trails!

- Granola, out. 

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