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Macks Peak 3-16-2015

Partners: Ketchum.

Stats: Distance 3.07 miles.  Total time 2:30, time to summit 1:30.  Summit elevation 4,960, elevation gain approx 1,800ft.  Macks Peak on Lists of John.

Gear notes: Random stuff to total approx 14lbs.

Macks Peak.
Well, its that time of year again.  Spring fever is in full effect for me.  Trail runs and local peaks have been a tried and true way of getting into and, more importantly, staying in shape.  After I started putting my new best friend, a foam roller, to good use, I've been able to run and hike with almost no pain at all in my right knee.  Two months ago I thought my days of trail running and climbing big mountains might be coming to an end; now its game on and once again time to plan out those big peaks and salvage what ever chance I may have left to attempt Mt. Rainier or another Cascade Stratovalcano.

Local-lame peaks have been the flavor of choice lately, mostly because they are close to home. Mark Jones has made a custom list on Lists of John; Peaks within a 1 hour drive from Boise, so that's what I've been working from, instead of just doing Cervidae Peak every time I want to train or take a hike. Macks Peak is close to Cervidae, only about 1.5 miles from it as the crow fly's.  I drove about 3.5 miles down the Middle Fork road and parked in a large dirt turn-out.  Temperature 49 degrees, overcast and light wind from the east.

Ascent ridge.

I took the south ridge that sits between to small ponds and stayed on that route all the way to the summit.  This bad boy kicks back pretty good right from the start and there is no warm-up section. The slope angle is about 50 degrees near the top of the lower section, so tripping is really not an option.

Looking down the south ridge.
It is steep enough that it was hard to fall into a good pace so I just kept grinding straight up this sucker.  This was a mental workout as well as physical.

Macks Peak is in the center.
After cresting a point at about 4,200ft, the actual peak came into view.  I took note of my pace at this spot and noticed I had done about 1,200 in 45 minutes.  Hey, not bad!

From this spot, the route is obvious and easy to follow and the neighboring peaks come in to view.

View down the long south ridge.

Shaffer Butte.
Poor Bogus, its had a lean snow year.  I'm thinking that I might move up the time frame a bit for the peaks that I want to do with snow on the route.

Rock Roll Peak comes to mind; I need to get on that.

Looking toward Arrow Rock Dam. 

Summit shot.
There are three different piles of rock that sit atop the peak, all are about equal height so take your pick.  None have a register or any other type of marker, just some trash that I had to pick up.

After a few pictures, Ketchum and I divvied up the lunch.  Cold pizza for me, dog treats for him.
I had eyed another cool looking ridge to the south that I had wanted to descend, but upon inspection, it would have taken significant effort to attain it.  We simply reversed the ridge of ascent, which was steep, quick and uneventful.  Just the way I like 'em!

Macks Creek.
Macks Creek seemed a little out of place since there was actually running water in it.  Macks Peak was a great workout despite it being so short, and it also got me one more peak on Mark's list.

There are 99 of them so get at it people!  

This is the current top ten: Zack V, Dan R, Mark J, Tom C, Dave P, Tom L, Sean D, ???, John P, and ???.  I will add, I feel that this is not a competitive thing, its more like a chill and friendly "see you next weekend/can't wait to see your pictures" type of thing.  Many of these peaks are deep in private property and may never be done. We did a bit of reconnaissance on a couple of peaks near Emmett on Saturday; the struggle is real.

Tom Lopez16 

Haha, how am I in 4th place among all of these heavy hitters!?

I'm in no rush to complete this list of peaks, but it does give me inspiration to attempt new local peaks.  Heck, I'm still working on the Idaho 12'ers.  It does feel really good to be a trail runner again; and even better, I get to go climb high mountains again.  These last few local-lames were only a small step in the large scheme of thing, but I love it just the same.  It's like studying before the test.

It's all uncharted.

Happy trails!

-Granola, out.

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