Monday, May 29, 2017

Peak 6,218

As a hopelessly addicted peak bagger, I've had my eye set on 6,218 for some time. I decided that I might as well go tick it off as part of a long run. If it were up to me, I'd name it Hard Guy Peak.

Date: May 27, 2017.

Objective: Peak 6,218.

Stats: 16.8 miles and 3,500ft of gain via the Shingle Creek/ Dry Creek loop. Strava track.

Partners: N/A.

Gear notes: Long trail run kit. liking the Gu hydration tablets.

Peak 6,218 from the Shingle Creek trail.

Peak 6,218 is a horrible bushwhack. I knew that before I headed out to bag it. If you decide to stand on the top of it, you probably need some professional mental help. Even if you shorten the approach by driving up the Boise Ridge Road, there is no way around the bushwhack.

Shingle Creek.

Shingle Creek.

Running upper Shingle Creek.

The Shingle Creek/ Dry Loop is a fantastic run and I highly recommend it.


South ridge.

Once on the Ridge Road, I headed for the south ridge. The lower part, just above the road is not bad at all. However, the higher you go, the worse it gets.

On the ridge.

Trinity Mountains.
I thrashed around in the brush on what I was going to call the highpoint until I stumbled into a clearing with a Cairn. Ta-da!


The view is pretty fantastic when compared to near by Boise Peak, which has no view from the summit.

On the summit.

Valley views.

I went down the northwest side of the peak, which was actually worse than the way I came up. I got into some thick brushy-tree like things that cut my arms and legs up pretty good. In my attempt to get back on the road as quick as I could, I ended up past the junction with the loop I was running and had to backtrack a tad.

Insult to Injury, I suppose...

Dry Creek.

I had a few stops to splash in the water on my way down Dry Creek. At least this peak is finally done and I can trick myself into another one.

Happy trails!

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